solstice cheer

oh dear stella
children of the polarises
children of alpha ursae minoris
children of sigma octantis
we drift upon the waves

forget our slow precession
my mind’s on this procession
the fallout of our tilted ways
antagonist of our jilted days

blue candle burning at one end
while waxing on the other
so warm our southern sister
how cold her northern brother

now our turn
darkness we spurn
solar tide to turn
to swing on back
reclaim what we lack

oblique to the ecliptic
our portions of the light
relative to where we stand
wane and wax from turn to turn
chloroplasts and retinas delight
varied clouds and seas to churn
casting weather upon the land

done with darkening of the days
cooling due to dampened rays
time to try on some warmer plays
head back to sun’s greater praise

a long curved road we tread
to swing on to the other side
dangling on this umbilical thread
careening on circuitous ride

to you of southern stripe
and all of northern type
enjoy the turning of the table
celebrate as you’re able
together to uncharted waters we steer
may we make goodness fill our sphere
have a merry happy new year
enjoy some solstice cheer

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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