we are weavers of magick
though with different thread
meticulously making manifest
webby worlds inside our heads

spinning carefully crafted stories
knitters with casting off jitters
simply knit and purl forever
never quelling closure’s quibblers

tapestrators and patchwork quilters
stretching multiplex of strands
dangling plots in haphazard litters
manufacturing many mythic lands

untangling filtering and wrangling
characters and props and sheep
adjusting for refracted angling
sieving pruning chaff from wheat

diaphanous filaments connecting
of cotton doped silicon or dark ink
interfused real life interjecting
dream unreal until glasses clink

unsprouted seeds are tragic
yet the germ once sprouted
needs great nurturing hemic
without this success is doubted

stewards of stories
must march to victory
tomes tarried in lorries
roam relentlessly nimbly

through trials dark and marshy
to desolate precipice
climb through sequel pulpy
at last enduring bliss

we are the weavers of worlds
which others left unsaid
unto to the flocks are hurled
else be forever unread

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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