as if ’twere cast in clay
invested with great wealth
the droves dredge the line

many a fool may neigh
history repeats itself
both blessing and crime

some wise folk say
“history does not repeat itself
but it does often rhyme”

i want another way
pull that book off the shelf
step out of time

rewrite the history
employ the help of ardent elf
a new tune we’ll chime

disregard the causal
fly in the face of implausible
laugh at the impossible

rewrite the future
redact the past
the old tale will never last

invite the future to the table
ask past to come if she’s able
to tisane’s tantalizing teatime

herstory told by shakti
creatively cultivating shanti
brewing tasteful time tea

for if history must rhyme
’tis best served hot
with a twist of lime

threading temporal tapestry
alterifying destiny
ascendantly we climb

weaving whickery
sipping history
with a twist of lime

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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