style and diction

two old forgotten friends
arrived at my stoop
to make amends

at first i thought them fiction
threw me for a loop
not recalling ancient friction

slowly then i did remember
into my thoughts they’d snoop
clairvoyants hunting poop

fear gave way to predilection
as i recognized upon my stoop
good ol’ style and diction

then they wagged my ears
with stories of their group
after all these years

they offered much advice
straight from the troupe
some critical some nice

always follow strunk
or you’ll be sunk
or stink like skunk

always listen to cherry
or your flesch could be hairy
they laughed, or truly scary

remember white and vesterman
they said as i got the scoop
always put your best word in

they said there on my stoop
avoid the loopity bloop
i invited them in for soup

and once i had them in
the soup configured, made
sat them down and drank all day

i told them of my newest friends
whose characters gave them indigestion
they said that i should see the man

and six told me to try tee are
the carriages returned
the bells! the bells!

the soup they sipped in bitsy bytes
they didn’t like my double wides
stuck in their teeth and their sides

so i hopped them up on mochaccino
fed them sugar and neutrinos
and then they did abide

such soup became addiction
now i’ll always keep them at my sides
good ol’ style and diction

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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