rapacious for rubies

if rubies grew on trees
would you adorn
yourself with these
wear nuggets of crimson
as you please

a ring of rubies
round the neck
necklace of rubies
oh what the heck
full mail in rubies decked

rubies richly red
run deeper than crimson
through ones veins
for these darling gems
adoration never wanes

if rubies grew on trees
oh but yes; yes they do
not so rare or just a few
but by the flock
yes by the slew

to mine for rubies
such as these
just go mining
in the trees
punica granatum

big red globes
hang heavy
like great gems
yet inside those

glistening with glee
deep crimson rubies
precious fractal stones
faceted antipeas
the tongue to please

oh luscious tartness
to crave your crunch
spurting deliciousness
for snack or lunch
rapacious for rubies
mmm rapturous munch

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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