fricative friction

fiction is
a fricative clause
woven of maya
by pandas paws
words ’round windows hung
words in towers wrung
the bells
sharp bells
tightly clung
in ravens craws

if a book
falls in the forest
where nary a reader roams
what worth are words
guarded by
knight or rook
word knells
book knells
locked in tomes
where none may look

telling an introverts tale
defying gravitational laws
cast away upon the sea
wicked waves offer applause
without a sail
an inverted whale
trying to right
trying to write
that elusive grail
devouring pause

washed ashore
mouth of sand and shells
with thirst for nectar pure
tapping creativity’s wells
alone on an isolated island
wildlife eating out of hand
words like coconuts hang
rhymes have mango tang
rhythm of amorphous sand
the tide that never quells

fiction flows
impelled by hidden cause
if not unleashed
upon the mind it gnaws
by its tentacles are stung
bottled songs left unsung
caustic hells
claustral cells
fervently flung
out plumal straws

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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