lovely lluvia
yummy lluvia
you make me yearn
ophelia’s oboe
this delightful burn
bacchus’s bassoon
soothing symphony
chaotic cacophony
you wash away
the chalkdrawn line
cooling cooing
skyborn wine
dripping sway
too soon done
not to waste
liplorn taste

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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1 Response to liplorn

  1. Brad Werner says:

    For what it’s worth (this is why I don’t like to comment on or explain my poems):

    Although lluvia is closely alliterated with yummy and not with lip-* unless la lluvia were used, I debated the following endings yet went for a variant of the last with taste instead.

    lipworn lluvia (currently delicious)
    liptorn lluvia (fleeting diminishing)
    liplorn lluvia (forlorn (or simply lorn) reminiscence in the afterglow or afterglisten)


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