your face

your face
is home
to such beautiful

your face
is blessed
with a magnificent

to gaze
at you
to percolate
with joy

your smile
makes my heart

i imagine
you smile for me
yet realize
my love

you shed
your beauty
upon the world
i a bystander

who catches
and caches
your sidelong glances
in cupped hands

the freckles
the mole
your entire face
such beauty

glow with fire
for the whole
of all creation
to see

i a bystander
who smiles
back at your face

that your glow
shines for all
including me

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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2 Responses to your face

  1. Rexie says:

    Wow Brad, whoever is being described is indeed as beautiful as the poem itself 🙂


    • Brad Werner says:

      Thanks Rex!
      On the surface, at least the inspiration of the moment, it was “simply” the gorgeous majesty of the night sky, the stars the freckles, the marvelous waning moon a magnificent mole.


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