ms. goth and mr. jazz

ms. goth and mr. jazz
pitch black and pure pizzazz
she flutters about
like monochrome moth
he styles more hues
than a rainbow has

lightly lilting lentoed legato
severely stricken stuttered staccato
while they may have different styles
one black netting the other argyles
the other’s style neither reviles
both are ardent audiophiles

long night sipping nipping nectar
they met quite late at border corner
amidst mixed and varied pubs
darkness between their two clubs
long after the crow cawed two
souls on the street numbered few

the goth heard jazz’s whistled tune
laughed like she thought he a loon
she pointed out he was out of tune
by humming along on proper pitch
retuned he joined comutual croon
the very night did they bewitch

of each style they improvised
old genre rules all pulverized
syncopated and synthesized
goth melodious jazz beatboxing
subtleties slowly realized
as music and darkness were detoxing

they wove their song until the dawn
not realizing how long they’d gone
with a smile bowed to each other
and opposite ways went their druthers
the corner cried it knew not when
or even if it might hear them again

a month went by with not a sign
a one night wonder drunk on wine
but then again the month’ end came
the corner saw these two the same
as if by chance mr. jazz and ms. goth
appeared again and brewed their broth

although this time he began in tune
still she laughed all too soon
the night did delight
on their musical flight
what was in store no scripted score
yet still they spun wondrous encore

goth and jazz grooved until first light
it felt so pure it moved so right
yet when the sky shone no stars
goth and jazz exchanged matching scarves
to him she gave a swath of black
bequeathed to her a rainbow back

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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2 Responses to ms. goth and mr. jazz

  1. gigglinggranny says:

    This is fantastic! Love it!


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