no rhyme before its time

what began as a trickle
has proven quite fickle
after a time i felt in a pickle

while digging in desert dirt
arms did ache hands did hurt
then the earth began to spurt

if only i had been wiser
stunned it with a neutralizer
viewed with spectrum analyzer

instead i stood aghast
wondered how long it would last
but i needed to fix it fast

no time for either dam or dike
a pump pedaled by a bike
what fool was i the earth to strike

desire for the smallest measure
has created unbridled fissure
now to quell of quaff this geyser

my heart knows it must be quelled
or my precious garden be enhelled
yet here i wonder how that’s spelled

mesmerizing irrigation
tantalizing inspiration
shall not spell damnation

so i shunt the errant well
keep the garden free from hell
create a drip where once was swell

we pluck no vine
nor write no rhyme
before its time

geyser’s flood washed down the river
not a drop did i capture
wonder if i’ll see it ever

tried to be a planner
could have user a canner
now back to being pantser

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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