just a phase

why do you always
so quickly turn
turn your back on me
so swiftly fleeing

only to return
to me again
for forgiveness
never pleading

supposed adoration
chronic supplication
oh how can i listen
hear your hollow pleaing

in love for you
am i constant
in times of darkness
and in brighter days

forever steadfast
committed to you
in our wholly holy bond
never shall i turn away

yet still your sinusoidal mood
first you smile then you brood
ever will you change your way
surely you know i shall stay

i shall never
turn my back to you
though errant inane
so many joke

flagrant misnomer
for your petty fools
only see my curves
and not my beauty

yet still i stir
your waffling ways
your hedging heart
you are in my yoke

slowly will i draw
up from your precious skin
the bravest of your kin
for with me to dwell

and to me they’ll ever face
those of this elated race
and upon your face they gaze
ever shall you them amaze

i assure you from above
my dear tempestuous love
although they shower you with praise
i assure you it’s just a phase

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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