querulous quandary

there are three
kinds of questions
i tell them

those you ask are good
those you have
and set aside
ask not
are bad

the novice’s query
known by all the rest
the expert’s quandary
misunderstood by the best
all are good
all questions noble
by their very asking

i do my best
to listen and hear
both question
and metaquestion seed
so i may comprehend
a hand to lend
a mind to lead

yet it is not always at work
the greatest revelations arrive
sometimes i understand
the question twelve hours post-live
blinding flash of the obvious
rendered from the oblivious

no, the most ingenious ideas
come to me in the shower
when all i can write on
are droplets of cleansing water
which wash down the drain

no, the truly marvelous manifestations
come to me as i sleep
no pen no keyboard within reach
so i write on my dreams

the stitches and yarns
between the fabric of dreams
that’s where my pen careens
compile volumes and reams
encoded in unfathomed seams

each day i awake
into reality shake
blank page of day i take
the dreams’ leaves to rake
reading ripples of their wake

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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