pet dinosaur

i have a pet dinosaur
who is never a bore
no velociraptor gore
practically an herbivore

about my pet dinosaur
sometimes plays upon the floor
daringly dashing out the door
never quite know what’s in store

you know my pet dinosaur
honestly a verbivore
often morphing nounivore
on words does dine thesaur

dear little saur dons a visor
adjectives as appetizers
adverbs cast as advertisers
everything’s an entreeizer

dear dastardly pet dinosaur
does voraciously implore
if i could feed it feed it more
when i arrive knocks me to the floor

quoth the little long-tounged saur
seldom rarely infrequently more
gorged on ravenous evermore
winged thesaurus rex does soar

sometimes at night as i snore
i’m awakened by the fiercest roar
eventually learned to ignore
the midnight roar of hyper saur

sometimes the house shakes roof to floor
my dinosaur hammering like thor
like tsunami on tropical shore
invoking awe on islands azore

you see my dear pet dinosaur
permeates my every pore
burrows down into my core
oh nyms both syn and ant deeply bore

symmetrically spelunking with my saur
deep in my pet find precious ore
turn to dear saur when brain is sore
up the river without an oar

fragrance infects me like a spore
takes me places i’ve been before
digs up bits of long forgotten lore
to swim in words from distant days of yore

dino and i have such rapt rapport
pounces on me like fired claymore
plucks at my heart like hungry condor
i lay like kelp that’s washed ashore

my pet plethoric reservoir
leads me to moor of metaphor
leaves me in est where trees are for
leaves me there and locks the door

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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