old spice

i am finally
giving up old spice
not the kind with a
ship on the bottle
nor the kind that puts
a ship in the bottle

a few are replenished
with pure frequency
yet some of their brethren
less often shaken or pinched
poured or tossed wholesale
sprinkled dashed or minced

some of my spices
older than some of your friends
begging antiquity
in pure form or blends
so many great spices
i have not made amends

cornucopia of memories
over kettle or wok
dried rawsome or baked
some mixed into paste
others popped in oil
a few were infused

from masalas to herbal teas
ground on a rock
still granuled or flaked
may now go to waste
neglected or spoiled
good spices abused

yet how can i ignore their pleas
faithful spices of my flock
for their aromas have i ached
ignored in my haste
regret renders me roiled
my love been refused

but now the marauders
have invaded precious stash
anty bodies paying homage
at the altar of nutty meg
steered clear of the cayenne
cinnamon kept them at bay

chocker full of memories
than many photo albums
more artifactual
than some museums
my spice racks were epic
now deprecated as a relic

beloved spice pantry
i fear the time has come
to finally let you go
whole kit and kaboodle
to neverland shall go
so that new spices may flow

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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