remnants of sunset

remnants of sunset
fall from your scissors
scrambling to find
a thread or a wavelet
brings me to dithers

in the shadows of giants
outside posh salon
a wanderer lingers
searching for trinkets
he maybe can pawn

by fountain families frolic
at home in the park
great fervorous cries
outside shop chocoholic
debate milk or dark

aromas of artichoke pizza
waft from diners mellow
next door sports blended cuisine
mingled scents of java and okra
carried off to taxi yellow

softly laughing urban gypsies
editorialize all who pass by
which fades into the humming din
pass a pair with evening tipsies
as i look back to the sky

and remnants of sunset
fall featherlike at my feet
the buzz still surrounds me
a single thread of kismet
i pick up from the street

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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3 Responses to remnants of sunset

  1. A.Eventide says:

    I just love your stringing of words. Beautiful and so very unique


    • Brad Werner says:

      Thank you!
      If words were like beads,
      strung on narrow reeds,
      I would plant bead seeds,
      … oh great; now look what you’ve done–planted a thread about stringing words. I’ll have to see where this is going.

      I guess I must say:
      thank you
      times two


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