peel the blackness
curvy darkened musa
my midnight songstress
silky smooth chanteuse

dipping into awareness
ladle full of claustra
basting consciousness
blooming into pupa

emerging from dark harness
su canción altera
onyx wings caress
núcleo de la existencia

hushed dreams take flight
into star speckled night
fresh fledgling wings inure
riding skies with great allure

song and dance hidden from sight
cloudless staves of song alight
a thousand hearts procure
within the blackened azure

drinking essence of your light
basking on the brink of fright
embreezened vapors of sage liqueur
instill the night with rapture pure

forming ripples in pond of mind
your blessed wings are everkind
stirring purity which feeds coherence
instills awe which breeds deference

promulgating flights of fancy
quiescent until life gets dancy
because this darling musa
its glorious essence infusa

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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2 Responses to musa

  1. A.Eventide says:

    Oh this is such a vibrant refreshing read. Nicely done.


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