sacred garden

many thousand days have passed
since you first led me
into your secret garden

how i dreamed in that time past
that you and i would become we
root and grow and blossom

how i hoped the thyme would last
that jasmine and basil be we
gentle boughing jacarandas beckon

in woven basket portable repast
friendly bee and orchid tree
oh this secret hall to cordon

some days slow others fast
tempted by the sea to flee
some days pregnant others maudlin

many days a beaut yet few are nast
each budding pea makes its plea
to have its chance in precious garden

days with you are cherished
with you i blessed be
whether in a cabin or a mansion

from heightened vantage trellaced
entwined vines of time see
our return to your sacred garden

in tonnage and grammage days are weighed
flitting with flutterbys like a pixie
i wait for you in this eden

so long carried in our hearts
woven in quipu antiquity until we
meet again in our sacred garden

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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3 Responses to sacred garden

  1. Rex says:

    Brad, what’s a quipu?


    • Brad Werner says:

      Quipu is an ancient Andean/Incan system of “writing” used for annotation and record keeping. One ties knots at particular distances and patterns along a string, according to an encoding scheme like a numerical or alphabetic system. Multiple such encoded strings are rooted at particular distances and sequence to a perpendicular root cord.
      Just as traditional quipu are used within a family, village, or tribe, one facet of the notion I was attempting to convey here was the saving of cherished memories tied up within our hearts and minds and the coupling of friends in an elegant array or web. Does that help?


      • Rex says:

        It truly helped. And there is no joy greater than when you understand a thing well. Thanks so much 🙂


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