suddenly find myself
alone in this vacuity
your name’s erased
gone every trace
cancelled friendly annuity

familiar faces flash
in the shadows of vacuity
transactions traced
under the gate raced
nullified perpetuity

friendly voices echo
from the chambers of vacuity
some for eighteen months
others for just two
gave warmth to this vacuity

eighteen years of life
ripple though this dear vacuity
not a moment to waste
dwell here a while in haste
time flows with great fluidity

so grateful now as ever shall
for those who populated vacuity
through those clocking turnstiles
many friends stayed a while
so many tales told of ingenuity

the transience i’d not thought
were murmurs of inevitability
never did i think the lot
would all at once vacate the spot
and leave me with vacuity

yet this last cohort
endeared a certain familiarly
and truly in remembrance they
in heart and mind shall always stay
empty space is never real vacuity

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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