super seven

super seven tastes like spring
smooth like heaven with a bit of bling
ringing bells by saint james
oil filled canvases in frames

catalyzed by ample ginger
though not as much as dear elixir
just enough to nearly sting
enchanting as a dragon’s wing

amidst the rainbow always green
parsley nurtures liver and spleen
cute curly cornucopias
blended liquid pharmacopeia

super seven stained my tongue
the rest ingested purple clung
unbeatable brilliance of beets
tints my spirit head to feets

crisp mellow tang of mild capsicum
the bells, the bells, in my belly rung
now every cell is wearing nightshades
zeaxanthin served in spades

purified by plenty planty purée
cells of celery join the soirée
water locked in crispy walls
floods into alimentary hallowed halls

although i have tried to take the vine
my zuked-out cukes never looked this fine
alas, such beauty blended to bits
good for the eyes, bliss for the wits

last but ne’er least rounding out seven
orange emanations brimming with heaven
once the only vegetable i’d eat
carrots make super seven complete

on ginger, on parsley, now wrangle those beets
bell pepper and celery, cucumbers neat
all blended with carrots, concoction divine
sipping super seven sure is sublime

but even when the drink’s bling has blung
its glory and praises are inside still sung
walking along a lane with a friend
super seven’s reign never shall end

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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