being who

t’was not the corduroy
of long brown coat
flapping in the breeze of time

each micropleat
temporal wrinkle
teasing out the winds of time

nor seventeen feet
of coiled scarf
knitted in stitches of time

wrapped endlessly in
wry wrath of rassilon
draped neatly in coils of time

it was you
who made me who
‘though i couldn’t make time rhyme

barking with my old friend rex
scads of words i spelled in hex
writing instructions full duplex

those long hot years on vulcan
faint shortwaves from holland
wove within a matrix wizened

two drawers full quite chronic
screwdrivers not so sonic
tweaked those dreams quite quixotic

’twas if the sipping time and tonic
while concocting cryptic magic
ended in electronic colonic

had hearts two
both were broken
each did mend, regenerate

perhaps the few
who named me q
querulous as questions grew

well-worn red marsupial anorak
whose holding pouch was smitten
sleeping nestled pouncy kitten

time enfolding pouch of holding
developed this time hopping habit
carrying each dark dwarf rabbit

tracing trusted railroad tracks
tie to tie or along one rail
past the slumbering smokestacks

between the steps
around brook’s bend
time would skip and start again

waking canoe on placid lake
among walking wood silent steps take
entranced by loch ness snake

the endless times at pam’s pianos
making ripples with étude echoes
enchanting temporal glissandos

through time surfing ripples
from my ankles to my dactyls
resonate like seismographic needles

tangled semaphoric symbols
sending me smoke signals
like finding berries in time’s jungles

it was you
who made me who
‘though i couldn’t make time rhyme

but who made you who
i wonder each time time flew
so tell me who made you who

did you fall into a singular star
carried across an event horizon
epitomical wedding threshold

propelled into episodic regenerations
steering around time’s perturbations
becoming more you each permutation

as we wend our way through time
penning terraced tomes of time
you too are becoming more who

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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