rarified rain

again i awoke
to an old refrain
the same had played
as i had retired
in absence rarified

raindrops fell expelled
from their heaven’s nest
where they had grown
too big to stay flyed
essence deified

gravity adopted
to flight co-opted
velocity owned
raindrops slice through time
to descent are plied

rapturous descent
precious downcast souls
rising in reverse
rhyme in retrotime
though antiskyed

upon the earth they paint
face and foot, worm and saint
these souls anoint
dreams of joy are cried

upon forehead splat
pitter patter tat
drizzle drummers rap
upon my lack of cap
where sunbeams had dried

each droplet takes me back
popping memes off my stack
fear joy alas alack
gentle rain washes pain
can’t explain left untried

within a droplet
layered years of rust
washed away like desert dust
cool morning shower
sidewalk feels less fried

predawn spritzing
cools summer’s stingers
tempting me to linger
abode beckons me inside
to work i shall abide

out my looking glass
encore played with class
ridges and mountains
blessed by leaky fountains
my wish the clouds replied

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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2 Responses to rarified rain

  1. Brilliant poem, really encompasses to many beauties of something so simple (that most take for granted)
    Also a joy to read aloud.


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