inky skies

should this pen pause
avenues of alliteration
rivers of rhyme
streams of stanzas
watery words
diminish nearing nadir
for want of rains

should this pen break
alleys of alliteration
rivulets of rhyme
squiggly stanzas
wiggly words
evaporate like tears
on desert plains

hovering at heaven’s gate
orbiting just outside Schwartchild’s grate
all these pseudorandom ramblings
water under Dijkstra’s bridges
merely merry meanderings
on the event horizon

penultimate one way street
at the intersection of fold and pleat
microcosmic galactic macrobubbles
percolate like yesterday’s troubles
teetering on brinky precipice
gravitational phoenix spreads her wings
ignites her hot breath

into this black cauldron dive
to dance with Nataraj and Terpsichore
spinning rhymes from time
weaving words from nebulas’ wombs
for once passed beyond
ink shall flow like water
form like clouds in silent skies
rain in sheets upon open plains

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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2 Responses to inky skies

  1. Mike says:

    Lexiconically lustrous. Very well done.


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