slice of day

that slice of day
‘tween twilight and dawn
luminous sky holds sway
tropospheric robes
young day does don
scarves of pastels
gracefully she puts on

a certain magic
fills fragrant air
bands of hue and hinted tint
flow like humid glowing hair
appetizer of the day
more beautiful by far
than impending main entrée

time slows its odious toll
suspends its incessant cadence
hanging waves cease to roll
a moment of precious bliss
soul imbued in multihued
strokes and swathed multitude
eternal sky now fleeting on

cielic cinema flows on
in cherished scenes predawn
their stories paled by spoken word
distilled essence sounds absurd
yet wondrous day they presage
before solful saturating star
takes the stage

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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