taste of sunset

the last little taste of sunset
still lingers dripping on my lips
the day a meal, a feast of light
dark is real, fast into the night

yet stars come out to play
while still digesting day
curved moon serves to remind
of day not far behind

relax the diaphragm
as mind recants i am
digest the night with lungs
words uttered not by tongues

night’s ocean washes away
remnants of forgotten fray
tangled fragments of the day
unwoven by mind’s kitten’s play

dissolved i am, one with the whole
satiated soul sits on a shoal
loosened yoke, unbridled harness
witnessing who’s hollow witness

washed up on night’s hidden shore
without a boat or single oar
once hardened gem now melted core
upon well weathered sand to pour

inner bells implore
heed silent lion’s roar
upon wild winds to soar
balance to restore

the last little taste of sunset
has long been washed away
mind’s needles purl and knit
so only ebb and tide does stay

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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