fifteen million heartbeats

there’s a hole in my wall
i shall wait six months to fill
fifteen million heartbeats
these words be still in my quill

there’s a hole in my wall
from which no words escape
sluice gates cranked shut
while my wall stands agape i cannot undrape

a litter of creatures has hatched
to crawl and run upon the lawn
while the wall’s safely latched
each one a pawn cannot spawn

two or three pair of prying eyes
inspect these critters, peer in their shells
luckily my tiny creatures are in disguise
but each shall hear resounding knells when banished to their private hells

be still my heart, such rapacious joy
of being a drop in this luscious ocean
to set little ones free, each an alloy envoy
capturing a pseudo-random synaptic notion set in motion

written 2012-10-31

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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