essence of the soul

is the essence of the soul
“to be a rock and not to roll”
to be that lady deep within us
right through our core resides this axis
wendlessly ’round which we spin
surely this core is free from sin
neither dwells evil in flesh nor skin
but when we forget she’s deep within
’tis only that horrid fear
that wells up deftly in the ear
that may prevent our dear heart to hear
that deep soulful inner voice so clear
if fear cawed dark wraith had won
stare straight into your longtime sun
burning doubts with truth the wicked shun
our holistic healing has begun
your inner bell’s steadfast toll
with pure light rings to her extol
resounds through the valley of your soul
a tiny knoll becomes heaven’s shoal
peace this shantirific goal
thrice uttered to offending troll
so that we may dwell upon this shoal
truly this is the essence of the soul

[written 2012-10-28]

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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