cobweb quilt

undulating layers
waft like gossamer phantoms
my spirit passes, silent shuttle
weaving another strand
in this flowing cobweb quilt

this gallery of cobweb quilts
spans sofa, chair, and wall
untouched by hands sanguine
my spirit caresses them all

upon each hook darling photographs
wear gowns of dust, a hint of must
clocks all cling to different times
each truant tick marks absent memories
all the nooks hold yellowed books
with tales of ardent trust

forlorn tiles forgotten the feel of feet
lead to to great enspidered door
beyond a garden overgrown with lore
cloistered enclave even birds ignore
yet distant voices echo still

garrulous gardens once ringed the happy hall
wings of time abandoned them all
now gossamer i weave in constant fall
awaiting redemption’s final call
our quilts of cobwebs adorn each wall

written 2012-10-30

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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