National Poetry Competition

Seven months ago, on a whim and tip from a new friend, I entered three poems in the (British) National Poetry Competition 2012. Needless to say, I didn’t win anything other than the joy of trying. However, today I revisited the National Poetry Society’s site and read and watched videos of the winners! Very exciting. Just as exciting was finding out that they have opened up their 2013 competition, with new unpublished poems submittable through October 31. Are you going to join the competition this year?

I have now will posted each of my three entries here soon.

  1. essence of the soul
  2. cobweb quilt
  3. fifteen million heartbeats

And, when I was trying to describe the experience of finding these three poems after having nearly forgotten about them for most of the intervening seven months, I also wrote:

I hope you enjoy them!

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3 Responses to National Poetry Competition

  1. gigglinggranny says:

    Good for you! Good luck!
    I looked at this poetry society. It sounds like a great organization.
    You inspire me to look into poetry societies in the States.
    Keep up the good work!


    • Brad Werner says:

      Thanks! Indeed, it felt a tad strange for an American (Arizonan) like myself to be entering a British contest, yet in a sense that added to the allure of it. Luckily it was open to foreigners. 🙂

      Truly, I would like to find more close-to-home competition or contest. The Poetry Foundation looks interesting, and I had thought I joined the Arizona state poetry society a year ago. Somehow the British competition caught my interest in submitting first.

      Do you know of any other poetry groups in North America?


      • gigglinggranny says:

        I have attended a few poetry readings here in Detroit, but it doesn’t appear to be a club one could belong to. It isn’t a venue for your own poems, but a place to hear others.
        I did a web search after I read your post and found two organizations. Poets.Org from the Academy of American Poets and from Poetry Society of America. The sites look interesting but seem to be based in New York.
        I am glad you mentioned the Arizona State Poetry Society. That prompted me to do a search for Michigan and I found that we have a society here. I will definitely look into it.


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