i killed my shadow
so i could live

it kept hanging around me
followed me everywhere
like a dark little lamb
followed like jot and iamb

surrounded by light
my shadow tried to fight
but the darkness couldn’t win
filled with light outside and in

i killed my shadow
so i could live

i shall always remember the day
i killed my shadow
more as a birthday
or an anniversary
than an obituary

but soon
and it wasn’t long
i must confess

as i basked in the glow
i began to miss
my ex-shadow

the shadow knows
it can be white as snow
or black as coal

then suddenly
fission and fusion in my mind
that blinding flash of the obvious

once enlightened
to the dark old truth
i invited it back

while i had killed my shadow
so i could live
now i truly wondered
pondered what i could give

resurrection against the insurrection
reinstantiation of beloved irradication
shrugged off this emancipation
called it back with anticipation

to my shadow i was beholden
to my old friend resolve was golden
kindled slowly it began to embolden
dark spark its umbra did embiggen

from faint figment of my imagination
its hues and eyes reawakened
culling cloud cast me enshrouded
painted pigment of my fascination

i shall always remember the day
when my shadow came back to stay
rain or shine we dance and play
la vida dulce y picante

for as the broiling solstice nears
precious shade my soles shall seek
for as i try to tread
from darkness into light
each footstep echoes yang with yin
to listen to each word i speak
i come aware of she who hears
swim quantum tide of guanshiyin

i saved my shadow
so i could live
offered it
branch of olive
learned to sing
in a deeper octave
each breath its own guru
a balanced sacred votive

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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