bee abbey

battalion of bee boxes
strategically staggered
cantaloupe cultivar
huddled hotel hives
ordered by octet
stacked double-decker
in quads net octetter

ploughman’s fertile furrows
buzzing beetle’s burrows
cantaloupes crown crested slopes
budding blossoms bring bees hopes
court of two dozen queens
ruling over honeyed tureens
all honey houses hum

primeval proboscises
like bows on violins
into each flower dipped
melony meals sipped
heavenly harmony
sacred symphony
conducted by the queen

within the convents covenant
atop octets eastern apartment
abbess of air traffic control
her mother she does not condole
abdicated after almond season
or was it her dear drones treason
almond praline still feeds the brood

the girls perform their circuits
flights to fill the larders lockets
their zig zag waggle refrain
solicits sisters to their campaign
symphony plays across the field
abundant grow their sumptuous yield
presagers to melons unfold

at mid-day appears shadow pawed
along the slopes lone dogbeast trods
these migrant buzzers take no heed
but steadfast keep to sacred deed
articulated trunnions
whine of their metal bunions
furrows flow with pent up bleed

thin precious trickles run their troughs
weary dog pauses cools her paws
parallel pleasures drone like a bassoon
cooling roots and wings in the afternoon
background buzz of the universe
maintained by that which quenches their thirst
equilibria hums over entropy
in the realm of each bee abbey

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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