my maya

the first half of my day is done
before yours has ‘een begun
either I’m up early
and you’re up late
or just contemplate

it could be wormholes
which swiftly drop
from celestial shoals
quantum tunnels
for massive matter
squeezed through fev’rish funnels
time dilation
with anticipation
who woke first ambiguation
what will
what was
a tangled fuzz

the quantum foam
poured in a glass
floating atop
the wine of cosmic grapes
rendered into seductive shapes

from this foam we are formed
differentiated and normed
from this brew we flew
when fragrant breezes blew

perhaps you and i
through time fly
on different threads
which ne’er shall wed

our apparent forms
as plucky humans
dancing on the event horizon
never touch but always fun

slurping in the quantum foam
guzzling the wine in which we roam
searching for another vat
or out of this one pull me stat

drowning in anna maya kosha
drunk on the wine of faux santosha
dive deeper
drink lighter

shed this illusory fifth skin
dissolve nigh-impenetrable veil so thin
into the realm of prana delve
within the whisp’ring wind to dwell

yet just as that glimpse
of faint elusive blimps
had floated wind borne beyond the veil
tempting transcendence with silent wail

now in flowing mists aethereal
on the horizon nearest zenith
electric murmurs ripples bringeth
revealing tip of mind-stuff matrix
peeking though celestial cervix

concentric spheric sheaths
subtly spicy and onionesque
hang like hungry hidden wreaths
mimic each other in style burlesque

slowly their distinctions
eventually become extinctions
metamaya’s penultimate illusion
dispelled by sufficient infusion

dear sweet ananda
winking wise vijnana
mesmeric mano a mano
precipitous precious prana
ephemeral anna

all layers and labels
like early and late
deny simultaneity
that new sobriety
egoistically independent
intimately entangled fate

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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