healing heliopauses

hovering at the zenith
at the end of the field
a thousand stars walk by
carrying their lights
each in their own silence
pausing and shedding their light
where their own gravity pulls
some to the left some the right

to all stars everywhere
we see the twinkling
of your bright eyes
reaching us across
this great cosmos

while what we see not
hidden from our distance
is your flowing tears
droplets of your solar wind
which only your close dear ones
within your heliospheric bubble
see and feel

yet we feel the gusts of dust
plasma induced ion spray
from our very own wild darling
because we know
our loved ones’ tears
compassion blossoms
and from the heart of hearts
learn to see all stars shining
and all stars tears
from beyond the heliopause

dancing with the universe
throughout the night
until the rising dawn
impels us forward
it is what it is
the brave marching on
sharing hope joy remembrance
at least until it is not

for little by little
day by day
that time shall come
fought and brought
by strong and bright
and beyond it is not
the brave shall still march on
sharing hope joy remembrance

reaching out and feeling
beyond the multitudinous heliopauses
unifying the universe
coherence makes us strong
for we shall dance beyond the dawn
when it is not

but this dance begins each day
dance it today
and keep on dancing
as we hug our star
we feel the sparkling twinkling lights
learn to dive swim and surf
beyond this cosmic turf

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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