steal on down the corridor
anticipating something more
searching for something moiré
from anorak pull gracie’s blade
the great arriver
sonic screwdriver

back in 1829
back in the days of bricks and mortar
i remember it well
with greatest fondness
the scent of lilacs in the spring
frenzied flocks of birds they’d bring

back in old 1829
back in those days of bricks and mortar
when solace was found
when no one was around
tapestries painted in black and white
lush murals hung in no one’s sight

back in dear 1829
the air was crisp scents sublime
up and over or round about
with cautious whispers we did shout
a friend arrived to fetch his crown
a sudden wall evoked a frown

back in beloved 1829
we cooked up a perfect plan
yet left all doubt with empty hand
in the end he made the show
and from then would truly glow

back in 1829
’twas blacker above
and whiter below
instilled with harmonies
distilling clarities
forever back in 1829

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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