Please Sponsor Mission Perfect Health

Please help me FIGHT CANCER. Please DONATE to my son’s Relay For Life team. If you can spend a few precious dollars to help us support this cause, we shall be very grateful.

Our team is Mission Perfect Health:

My son has done some small fund-raisers at school, but we need much more help. Besides walking with his team, what can I offer you? This: To show our thanks for sponsoring us with a donation to Paras Angell, Brad Werner, or any of the other members of his team, if you also privately message or email me, I will mail or email a hand-written copy of one of my poems (of your choice) to you, or maybe an audio or me reading or singing it if you make a big donation. What am I getting myself into? Don’t answer that, but I am just trying to help however I can. Please help us in this fight!

Cancer, ♋, the astrological sign is wonderful. All other kinds of Cancer that I know of are evil scourges which we wish to eradicate. Compassion is a noble thing, but also because the cruel claws of cancer have severely bitten or even killed dear family, friends, heroes, and others whom we know directly, I was greatly inspired when my son, Paras, took the initiative to organize and lead a team for the local American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life event, coming up next weekend, April 13. Starting a team like this has not been an easy endeavor for him, and I am immensely proud that he is doing all he can to get more involved and make this happen.

Again, please Sponsor us, Donate to his team, Mission Perfect Health today! (and also message me privately or email me if you want a copy of a poem)

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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