herald of annunciation
her golden trumpet blows
seeds are sown within
kindled prana flows
divine conception
immaculate rose

thy will purely stated
eros’ primal rapture abated
oberon’s chalice erstwhile emptied
titania’s garden golden gated
opulent orchestra nearly naked
knotted nicely already anointed
ocean’s offspring nascent naiad
streams bounty truly blessed

your holy heart open wide
allow pure spirit to pour inside
every breath nurture and abide
so that this intention may reside

it is from this conception
the peace may grow
fraction by faction
in all things show

you are the lamb
prefect of peace
you are the lion
drawing the line

may you rise up
this and every day
allow your sprouted seeds
nurtured with your cup
to grow and stay
and always guide the way

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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