code is like air

code is like air
filling wanton lungs
branches like rungs
with ornaments hung

code is like air
breathing for the first time
matching parens like rhyme
balancing poetry sublime

code is like air
blowing through wild hair
chaotic cavalcade at which to stare
a few bright gems producing glare

code is like air
fluid dance of method actors
stirs up fomentous photonic reactors
computed into primal factors

code is like air
conjuring fast fluid flux
reckoning boolean lucks
passing messages like pucks

code is like air
regular expressions to compare
matched verily or au contraire
results to split promote and share

code is like air
expanding to fill the space
whirling to keep the pace
datumites to insert or replace

code is like air
written with a little flair
giving flight to birds
granting action to words

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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