within the stroke of midnight

within the stroke of midnight
dwell memories of dreams gone by
whole of the day on replay
recapitulating from sleep’s lanai

day dissolves into slumbering sea
amorphous fears the rocky shallows
ship manifests from schools akelpy
upon the deck form whimsied frescoes

gusts of hope swell pleading sail
fear’s swift hand upon the tiller
evade Charybdis’ whorling wail
steer toward sunset’s stiller sea

formless endless quiescent sailing
disturbed by wicked rising tide
stirred by eyes a-remming
from their twisty ride cannot hide

dive beneath turbulent waves
into depths unseen and serene
discover dark secluded caves
beneath pristine marine ravine

peace, drama, adventure unfold
undulating like myriad anemones
revealing concealed truths to behold
furtive flowing eddies playing ditties

within the stroke of midnight
years and aeons dissolve and fade
allowing subtle secrets come to life
bubble to the surface lush songs are played

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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