making the beds

making the beds
of yellows and reds
and all of their neighbors
who’ve lost their heads

shaking the sheets
with crumples and pleats
all gone brown turn them down
springtide hoedown

with fork and spade
adieu old friends bade
tales told with twisty plots
these beds like cots

discard old threads
in pieces and shreds
till swift sowing embeds
the seeds of breads

seeds of awareness
planted in fresh heads
joined by latent iris
spring forth in hoary dreds

reeds in lush lattice
authenticated creds
permeate consciousness
in the witness stead

bumblebees are buzzing
whole hive to be fed
transfixed by wills and wasing
causality put to bed

to resurrect the stillness
the garden teems with life
quiescence in the boisterous
new growth the constant spice

hummers and hoppers
welcome the fertile soil
teeth like shears and loppers
prune and preen the garden’s soul

at night the seeds are calling
as their sprouted arms are sprawling
thickening plots and themes
weave the garden’s dreams

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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