missing merry minstrels

chirpers and twitterers
many migratory minstrels
some here for winters
from hummers to kestrels

upon tree and bush and ground
each in their own way sings
awash in blended joyous sound
prana upon their wings

absent though this spring
missing merry minstrels
who help our hearts sing
bringing carols of bengals

brothers in bhakti
so far we’ve been lucky
perhaps they’ll come in fall
yet this year we’re missing
princely presence in asana hall

sultans of sargam
talisans of taal
tappers and thumpers
ripe rappers of raag

so many years in Phoenix
we have enjoyed their lyrics
true tabla talisman
activating ajna taliesin

last year amongst red rocks
walks amidst shamrocks
we much enjoyed rich feast
great joy which they unleashed

such birds we hoped were annuals
not flying desert aerials
(for now) we recant heartheld hymnals
hope to catch these birds at festivals

See also: brothers in bhakti

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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