happy dee ess tee

don’t touch those digits!
we control the latitude
we control the longitude

there is nothing wrong with your clock
don’t spring ahead with the lemming flock
put your time under key and lock

from here at 2456361.791
all the way to 2456599.791
just keep on following the sun

we shall be here bearing the standard
while you try to fool your circadian bird
why can’t you keep your clock anchored

insatiable headlong rushing
an hour ahead you spring
so early your bells will ring

we much prefer the forward flow
steadily each day light does grow
until the solstice pendulum slows

then back again does each day ebb
connected to our rhythmic web
no abrupt hiccups twice spun

if you won’t stay the course with me
i send this heartfelt wish to thee
happy dee ess tee

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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