cassia enhailed

whizzing wheels
part hissing puddles
out in this
missing cuddles

spritzing’s waves wash
tear-stained cheeks
haven’t had this bath
in many weeks

friendly larrea tridentata
mingles with cloud-born blessings
cooks up tangy sonata
scents darkness with dressings

spicemeister elusive
hiding in shadows
dampened by effusive
alluring contraltos

cassia of artemis
bathing in warm shower
making wine from this
footsteps come near her

her arms are drooping
blossom-laden boughs
tantamount to stooping
fragrance does arouse

moist air is full of cinnamon
nay subtler fragranced hair
cassia imbues like saffron
what fruits may come to bear

volumes were spoken
via virtuosity
clouds invokin’
dark curiosity

just as we were setting sail
ramparts rattled
bombarded with waves of hail
windglass assailed

yet from the onslaught
awoke unscathed
but what of aftermorrow
from this wood enlathed

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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