the valley between

the alley between
metropolis and gotham
guarded by none
receives no sun

where no sun shines
flooded with pains
who ate our brains
hollow heads exclaim

there is a place
rich in beauty
filled with
many marvelous
munificent people

the father affectionately
mostly jokingly called it
between bouts of fleas
the valley
of pestilence
and disease

the valley between
east and west
creeks and streams
past creaks and screams
it is the home
my dreams know best

the valley between
quarries and pitts
changes with every rain
remnants of a raft
drift down the river still
voices of bare footsteps
echo hollow refrain

the valley between
gold and silver
chorus of bells
from watchful steeple
fabric of life
woven of joys and strife
weavers now give rest

the valley between
sleep and dreams
never as it seems
tales told by a polymorph
change shape midstream

the valley between
truth and beauty
pollen whispers
from hilly breeze
everything bees explain
except their knees

the valley between
honor and duty
rings with vespers
this pain appease
when e’r it rains
breeze on the lees

the valley between
then and now
this river runs
through hearts’ sieve
woven of dreams’ cotton
your laughter n’er forgotten

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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