halfpenny harvest

half penny for your thoughts
desires wants and oughts
nosh alight low hanging fruit
fine early hours loot

this merchant of Venice
thunks he’s named Dennis
paints bands upon the bed
dreams appear instead
shake the slumbers off
fall into Rachmaninov

as i take my morning stroll
just when i’m really on a roll
bridgekeeper wants a toll
asks me for a magic word
as if i’m such a nerd
’tis really quite absurd
such secrets they are never heard

troll spent his last quarter on a lantern
hanging with the gals of saturn
said he’d business in Sagittarius
’twas not a blurb he would discuss

lost in an enchanted bog
slice through deep desert fog
dance with feet full of feeling
find potato painted on the ceiling
plaster hangs with anticipation
destined to become precipitation

early morning eyes
think that they are wise
enchanters dozen
hexchanted words
keeping octets
tame like pets

they say the bumblebees
by their compi aim to please
steering by fragrant moonlight
somehow know left from right
coding in keyed flute and harp
weave their combs and see sharp

they say the caterpillar still does toke
sending skyward rings of smoke
casting shadows with private clouds
hoeing fertile land with virtual plows

all i know is written in the sky
woven in the buzzing hive
spelled out in slinking smoke
dancing fingers on piano fly
octet flip pancakes to stay alive
venitian barcodes from sleeping bloke

half penny for your thoughts
hanging ‘midst the dashes and dots
spudsplosion spawned tiny tots
hidden messages in stripes and spots
garden of dicots tied in knots
time to weed and write the plots

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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