lapping luna

bouncing off rooftops
great glee never stops
dancing on the lawn
taunting wanton dawn
on the other shore
glowing girl next door
come out and frolic
transit somatic

he is always home
though he seems to roam
through celestial foam
pure as Kyrgyz som
strolling la playa
sucking papaya
bittersweet venom
exclabang aha

poisoned by the tide
from the sunlit side
cursor across night
midnight reading light
waves of coursing blood
pulsed enchambered flood
guzzling your maya
invivified maha

sweet selenity
lapsing lunacy
pendulum pity
aged alacrity
everfresh aegis
watchful aureus
effulgent darling
toss me a farthing

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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