holographic heart

this dear percussive heart inside my chest
is not symmetric leafy cordata
nor feisty medulla oblongata
this heart itself holographic is an
irregular asymmetric forest
whose tributaries feed estuaries
tireless servant i pray you do not rest
you are gateway to both muse and tempest

this dear holographic heart
not just a fractal forest
from four compressing chambers
to countless capillaries

this faithful heart pumps its fist
rallying cry that none can resist
distributes food to fifty trillion cells
sweeps up waste from their cytoplasmic hells

this networked heart
and its neurologic siblings
each play their part
to reach beyond these trappings

this wholistic heart
reaches out to you
somatically apart
conjoined intrinsic too

every time i breathe
in little bits of you
a flake of skin
a drop of dew
carbon of words you’ve spoken
oxygen your heart’s token

when heart moves hands
to reach across the lands
service unseen and that you show
our common blood begins to flow
that which feeds and nurtures
that which cleans our cultures

give of flowers
or give of words
thoughts of nerds
or calling birds
love to friends or neighbors
strangers or mothers

our hearts beat together
as myocytes meet each other
ion channels exchanging
heart flowers rearranging
trading kay and ennay
or with chocolates you play
may our hearts beat together
happy heart-sharing day

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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