gold dust on the wind

forgiveness is like gold dust
carried on the lenten wind
if you do befriend on trust
is it something you would rescind

if there is anything to give up
it is this clinging to past pain
not asking to kiss and make up
yet forgiveness is the sure refrain

i never shall forget a bit
of how these friends did sin
how they flung such caustic stuff
yet tracing scars with gentle fingers
feeling the pain that still here lingers
true healing does not win

past friendship proven wafer thin
just how shall the future unfold
take a gesture however slim
bravely offer up your heart again
this time it is just as god’s friend
forgiveness yields riches untold

such sibilant siblings
also deserve another chance
put aside the bow
set down the lance
you may not again be as fledglings
but even cordial the soul does sing

use all you have lived
and all you have read
to lead your feet as you tread
in the past your heart has bled
give up what to soul is not wed
by forgiveness the whole is fed

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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