perhaps it was the squirrels

perhaps it was the squirrels
deftly skittering
softly chittering
eagerly angling to see
have the interlopers any food

perchance it was the gathered gulls
jockeying upon the breeze
seizing vantage as they please
eyes upon our gathered we
patient stares not rude construed

it could have been the stoic crow
then again perhaps the pelicans
ah those would-be hooligans
them truly it could be
had they been in the mood

maybe it was the passersby
not much those on upper cliff
the one in hat and kerchief
to throw the rice at you and me
joined our merry brood

it likely was gentle strumming man
as waves buoyed boards and skiffs
played such soothing riffs
whose body swayed with the sea
harmonized with ocean’s étude

it was certainly dear jovial priest
yet just as much every friend
who joined us to attend
back thirty-six fifty-three
sacred sutras into us imbued

yet now i’m quite sure
it was the squirrels

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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