origami faerie

saw your toenail
fly across the sky
blinked and it was gone
where it landed
i know not nor why

glimpsed your eyelid
flashing me a wink
returned a sidelong stare
left me wondering
just what to think

someone you’ve seen
for so many years
suddenly one day
the angle of the light
catches them just right

you see their beauty
unfold in ways untold
from all you’d know before
yet now such depths once plumbed
forever shall you behold

saw you previously in veils
memory of the past assailed
replaced lock stock and wholesale
the you i once thought i knew
revealed as my heart set sail

transformed transcendent true
such purely elegant origami
manifold grace up in the sky
right on cue the snowy xue
predawn hue now a fiery faerie

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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