dear rusting rails

every time we drive by
the rusting rails
pockmarked trails
i see the weeds creep in
another vandal’s sin
echoes of days gone by

although the screams
from the curvaceous tracks
freakish creaks and clacks
subsided into the topsoil long ago
this scarred suburban show
lingers in many dreams

merriment on the carousel
round and round goes no more
laugher lives on in collective lore
bottle caps of Canada Dry
discounted a ticket to the sky
ah to hear the midway knell

gleeful gals and manly us
you lived three quarters on the dollar
made thousands squeal and holler
a dark meandering laff track
drew them in by the pack
held secrets never to discuss

on the way to zeller schwartz katz
where carno taught the oboe
my heart would hum a canto
find the makeup of angels and clowns
glide through quaint and storied towns
we would surely pass the platz

as we traveled to and fro
unfolding our old forgotten friends
everpresent where the road wends
dear rusting rails and faded gates
each month your grandeur abates
yet from our hearts you’ll never go

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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