one of my favorite numbers
comes to me in dreamy slumbers
it is a factor of choicest prime
its reputation much maligned

it comes to me as an epiphany
blinding flash from the reverie
wakes me to great euphoria
while some tremble in triskaidekaphobia

on the thirteenth day
realization comes to stay
a gift far greater than turtle doves
to all those your true love loves

if after twelfth night the feeling fades
photonic flames doused in boxes
boughs of pines been put away
remember love is here to stay

after twelve just keep on counting
such phobias are worth surmounting
for when you break on through the wall
the sea of love floods through the hall

if all day you love to bake
why then would you toss your fruitcake
if you have no icy river in which to dive
awaken your spirit and become alive

the bread and broth that love emotes
as paramahansa yogananda notes
the second coming is within our hearts
it is from there all greatness starts

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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